5 habits to adopt to become a good DJ

I think these days all I can convey such knowledge to enable you to become a good DJ.

Here are simple habits that will allow you to set up to become a good DJ without fail, ensuring you to quickly make great progress.

1. Mix at least 30 minutes every day

If you constantly playing on the best DJ controller and mixer you can be great. Anyone can reach 30 minutes each day for what it cares about. How long do you spend watching TV, watching videos on youtube, facebook, playing console?

2. Play as often as possible before an audience

By mixing at home you can become the best in the world technically. But what matters most to define the quality of a DJ is its selection – the selected music. This is the act of playing the right piece at the right time, for this audience there. Then moves up, moved up to play on birthdays of your friends, organize events.

3. Save all your mixes and listen

If you are using a software you can do it internally from the program. Otherwise, links the REC output (or other output available) of the mixing desk to a recorder (I use the Yamaha POCKETRAK PR7). Listening to the recordings after a few days and evaluate your performance. If it sounds good, it’s cool! Otherwise, you will do better next time. Take note of which songs were married well to save and reuse. You can put them together in a playlist, for example. Polling writing all the good things as well as errors.

4. Listen regularly mixes the other DJs

Finds mixes live recordings and listen to them at onlinedjguide.com. No need to be 100% focused on it because it seems we have a part of the brain that stores what is music without one devotes attention. I make myself experience every time I record mixes and podcasts: when I come across a piece that I played in a previous mix I recorded and re-listened to, the transition doing my head. I even hear the next song while I do not listen to the mix. It’s the same with any other mix that I listen more than once.

5. Limit musical additions to learn more about your directory

Another thing I often repeated. This is really important and it makes a huge difference. Avoids adding 100 pieces per week – even 10 a day is a lot to me. Focus on quality. Adds only pieces that you really like and you are sure to play in your sets.Today I have 1408 songs in my library. And I look down in the 1200 bar. Right now I have no high-speed Internet access at home, so instead of looking, listening and add new pieces, I want to listen to my library and remove superfluous. I clearly noticed the benefits in recent weeks. I know better and better my music and the quality of my mixes only improve. It even occurred to me to go to a piece that turned out to be a perfect choice for my last mix, whereas usually I search and route the song list before choosing one. While there, that’s my memory that comes to me.

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